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Vigilant Bioservices
Ensures Operational Resilience

GMP BioStorage Solutions

Biotech Business Continuity



VB Facility

VB Facility

ICH Stability, Photostability, TempSys Monitor, Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), -50C, -80C



Caron Stability Chambers

Caron Stability Chambers

VB Facility Main Floor

VB Facility Main Floor

-50C & -80C Freezers

T Cells in Circulation

T Cells in Circulation

Achieve Operational Resilience

What Happens When Your Freezers Fail?

Prepare for the Next Disaster

Assess Your Risk

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Our GMP Biorepository provides secure, qualified storage including the following conditions:

ICH Stability and Photostability Storage

Vapor Phase Liquid Nitrogen (< -135°C)

Ultra Low Storage (-70°C to -90°C)

Frozen Storage (-15°C to -25°C)

Refrigerated Storage (2°C to 8°C)

Ambient Storage (20°C to 25°C)

Multiple redundancies of core utilities, 24/7 unit monitoring and security enables you to

Focus on Your Science™.

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A Sample of Our Clients

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Our clients include: CxOs, tissue banks, biologics manufacturers, biotech innovators and universities.


We provide secure biostorage solutions, enabling clients to Focus on Their Science.

Gliknik is creating new therapies for patients with immune disorders and cancer. Gliknik’s expertise is in modulation of the immune system to fight disease. The company’s lead clinical compound is GL-0817 for prevention of the recurrence of squamous cell cancer of the oral cavity.
Paragon Bioservices, a contract development manufacturing outsourcer (CDMO), expands the capabilities of pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and academic laboratories involved in identifying, developing and producing monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins, disease biomarkers, vaccines and reagents for diagnostics.
Prometic is globally recognized with expertise in bioseparation, best-in-class plasma derived therapeutics targeting orphan indications and rare diseases and small molecule therapeutic products targeting unmet medical needs in the field of fibrosis.
TissueGene is a clinical-stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on developing novel regenerative therapies in the field of cell and gene therapy. TissueGene’s lead product is an allogeneic, cell-mediated gene therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee that has completed Phase II clinical trials in the US.
VLP Therapeutics was established in 2012 by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs based upon a novel, proprietary vaccine technology discovered by its co-founder Dr. Akahata. Its vision is to combat the 21st century global public health problems through revolutionary i-αVLP Technology, and the mission is to develop innovative medical treatment which transforms traditional vaccine and targeted antibody therapies to address global unmet medical needs.
With 43 academic units, faculty of more than 3,000 physicians and research scientists and more than $400 million in extramural funding, the School of Medicine is regarded as one of the leading biomedical research institutions in the U.S.
The vision of the Hussman Institute for Autism is to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families by advancing the understanding of the causes and neurological basis of autism; identifying potential long-term interventions; and creating a continuum of supports and resources to address immediate needs for research-based teaching methods, communication, inclusion and independence.

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