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Vigilant Bioservices
Ensures Operational Resilience

GMP BioStorage Solutions

Biotech Business Continuity



VB Facility

VB Facility

ICH Stability, Photostability, TempSys Monitor, Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), -50C, -80C



Caron Stability Chambers

Caron Stability Chambers

VB Facility Main Floor

VB Facility Main Floor

-50C & -80C Freezers

T Cells in Circulation

T Cells in Circulation

Achieve Operational Resilience

What Happens When Your Freezers Fail?

Prepare for the Next Disaster

Assess Your Risk

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Our GMP Biorepository provides secure, qualified storage including the following conditions:

ICH Stability and Photostability Storage

Vapor Phase Liquid Nitrogen (< -135°C)

Ultra Low Storage (-70°C to -90°C)

Frozen Storage (-15°C to -25°C)

Refrigerated Storage (2°C to 8°C)

Ambient Storage (20°C to 25°C)

Multiple redundancies of core utilities, 24/7 unit monitoring and security enables you to

Focus on Your Science™.

Take a deep dive:

Various Temps & LN2

A Sample of Our Clients

Know that you are in good company when you work with us.


Our clients include: CxOs, tissue banks, biologics manufacturers, biotech innovators and universities.


We provide secure biostorage solutions, enabling clients to Focus on Their Science.


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Why do they do business with us?

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  • Enhance your Business Continuity Plan

  • Facilitate ICH or Photostability studies

  • Accommodate Your Biostorage Needs






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