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Our Facility

A Brick & Mortar Extension of Your Business

Imagine if you could have experts design an offsite or central biorespository. Think of Vigilant Bioservices (VB) as a physical extension of your business, but designed by industry experts in Design Engineering, Validation and Biomaterial Handling.

Located in the University of Maryland Biopark in Baltimore, adjacent to the UMB Medical School campus, the facility was built with state-of-the-art redundancy, security and quality.

It Starts With a Great Location

The UMB BioPark has a close proximity to multiple international airports and shipping hubs. The building includes a specially trained security desk and 24x7 video surveillance in our facility.

GMP by Design

Our facilities and quality systems have been designed to the highest standards featuring a validation approach that meets or exceeds regulatory guidelines and industry standards. To support the facility, FDA-compliant quality systems are fully developed and implemented.

Triple Power Redundancy

VB has triple power sources utilizing power feed redundancy and a natural gas generator. Two separate power feeds enter the building, with each feed coming from a separate power substation within Baltimore City. For a third source of power, we have installed a natural gas generator on the roof of Building 801, for a constant supply of natural gas. All HVAC units (Fan Coil Units and chiller) are connected to generator- supported circuits.

Auxillary HVAC

VB has an auxiliary HVAC system that supplements the main floor air handler. Fan Coil Units have been installed in the facility storage area and laboratory. Each Fan Coil Unit operates independently. If one unit fails to operate the remaining units will continue operation to maintain a controlled environment in the storage area.

A chiller has been installed on the roof. The chiller is designed with free-cooling in order to take advantage of energy efficiency in appropriate outside air conditions. The chiller is equipped with four individual circuits; each circuit has two individual compressors. The chiller has been further optimized so that each individual compressor runs separately. Compressors will only initiate if the running compressor(s) cannot meet the demand of the storage area. The capacity of the chiller has been designed so that if one chiller circuit fails, the remaining circuit can handle the demand of the storage area.

Equipment Monitoring System

All storage units in use are independently monitored for temperature and humidity as applicable. Each unit has a WIFI transmitter with a 2-way connection to the data collection access point. Monitors are calibrated and validated based on GMP guidelines.

3rd Party Data Monitoring

Data networks are backed up with an additional level of redundancy and 3rd party monitoring. Data is backed up at frequent intervals to allow for rapid recovery of critical systems. A third party monitors connectivity of the server and alerts VB management of any disruption in service.

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