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Stability Storage

VB eliminates the need for you to invest in specialized storage equipment and infrastructure enabling you to focus on discovery, development, and manufacturing. We use state of the art CARON chambers.

VB offers stability services for companies looking to store materials per ICH Guidelines and perform their own testing.

Photostability Features:

UV Full ICH Exposure at approximately 8 hours

VIS Full ICH Exposure at less than 48 hours

Timed test at virtually any UV or VIS intensity


Send us your samples on Monday morning and you will receive them back by Friday afternoon.  

Temperature/Humidity setpoints include:
Cold Storage (5C, -20C, -30C, -50C, -80C, and Vapor Phase Liquid Nitrogen)

Additional custom setpoints are available at request.

Our staff will work with your specific stability program needs and create a customized client protocol to address storage, receipt verifications, pull procedures, and transport.

Sampling of the benefits afforded to our clients:

* Reduces capital costs by eliminating the need to purchase equipment for specific Temp/RH conditions and infrequent studies
* Reduces FTEs to calibrate, validate, perform Preventative Maintenance (PM) and manage daily inventory along with QA oversight and review of all activities
* Reduces risks to integrity of stability studies due to power failure, equipment malfunction, etc.
* Provides scalability to manage costs without new equipment and overhead requirements.

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