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Case Studies

The following are representative examples of how we work with our clients as a boutique biorepository.

A CMO Expands Services

Stability Storage

A rapidly growing contract manufacturing organization (CMO) requires excess capacity for stability testing for therapies they bring to market. VB is able to provide both temperature/humidity and ICH photostability capacity on demand using industry leading equipment on the market.

Archival LN2 & -80C Storage

Business Continuity Planning

Liquid nitrogen storage requires frequent deliveries of LN2 and safety handling procedures. -80C freezers are prone to compressor failure because of their intense usage of electricity.
A novel therapy development company leverages VB to store the backup of Master and Working Stem Cell Lines using VB’s LN2 and -80C freezers. In the course of development of a therapy, the client’s local freezer FAILED. With VB, the client was able to recover their cell lines without a major impact to development.

Custom Packaging

Boutique Services

We help our customers afford our services with customized solutions that realize efficiencies.
A developer of instruments for genomic research required the storage of unprocessed human tissue. VB worked with the client to develop custom freezer boxes to store the samples and was able to significantly increase the amount of material in a freezer, providing efficiencies and saving the client money.

CRO Specialty Archival Storage

Retained Storage for Human and Animal Materials

We work with contract research organizations (CROs) for long term storage; freeing up onsite freezer space across North America.
A large international CRO has the requirement for certain projects to retain samples for specific periods of time. These “retains” can be stored more economically using VB facilities. We provide retained storage solutions for human and animal materials for organizations on the east and west coasts.

Seasonal Risk Mitigation

Natural Disaster Risk Avoidance

We work with organizations to mitigate risk from anticipated natural disasters. Since 2015, a Florida-based tissue bank leases freezer space with VB in case of hurricane threats and has used their space for the last two years for Hurricanes Andrew and Irma.

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